Uncategorized January 9, 2012

Good Housing News for Oregon

Top 15 best housing markets in the nation.

The latest data from Fiserv Case Shiller shows that national home prices are expected to grow at an annualized rate of 3.2% between 2011 and Q2 2016. Good news for Oregon

#2 Medford, Oregon

Annualized growth from 2011 – 2016: +11.7%

Medford’s home prices have fallen 39.3% since their peak in Q2 2006. The metro has a population of 202,306 and median family income of $55,900.

#12 Eugene, Oregon

Annualized growth from 2011 – 2016: +8.8%  The median home price in Eugene is $188,000 and prices are 21.6% off their Q2 2007 peak. The city does have an unemployment rate of 9.6% and a median household income of $53,700 below the national median.

#1 Bend, Oregon

Annualized growth from 2011 – 2016: +11.9%

Home prices in Bend are 45.2% off their peak in Q1 2007, which could make it good time to invest. Bend’s median family income is close to the national average of $61,600, but unemployment is high at 12.6%.